About Sno Assault

Sno Assault has been in business for over 30 years, plowing and removing snow for business, industrial and municipal clients.

At Snow Assault we are dedicated to  strive to be the leader for snow removal. We realize that our team’s dedication to quality service builds a mutually rewarding relationships with our clients. These relationships strengthen our company and promise growth and opportunity for our people. Our goal is to continually raise the bar in every aspect of our business by providing the best possible snow and ice removal service.

Snow Policy

Sno Assault is the best in the business thanks to our outstanding zero snow and ice tolerance policy. We monitor the weather 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even before the storm hits, our crews are ready for immediate dispatch to keep your aisles, walkways and open areas clear of snow by plowing and applying the most effective de-icing materials. And we don’t stop until all areas are clear of snow and ice and all locations meet our high standards of safety.

After the storm we continue monitoring the weather to address potential melting, refreezing or drifting of snow  when such a situation is presented we dispatch crews to inspect affected areas. Following these procedures we make sure to keep your site free of snow and ice so it is readily accessible and safe to your customers, tenants and all traffic. This policy has proven to be most reliable and safe for all our clients and has garnered us the reputation as the areas most reliable snow and ice management company.

Cutting Edge Equipment, Practices and Products

Using proper snow plowing equipment is critical to a successful snow plowing operation. Thanks to our fleet of snow removal equipment, we are able to assign the most appropriate plowing equipment for the size and layout of your site to quickly achieve the most desirable results. When you become an Sno Assault client we survey your site to develop a plan that details the safest and most effective equipment and strategy for your property.

We use a wide variety of deicing materials available to suit all of your needs.